DESIRE (A Dystopian Fantasy) : Desire Series #1

Desire  - Kailin Gow I'm pretty confused by all the good reviews this book is getting. Seriously? I thought the writing was terrible, and the characters weren't much better. I think this was actually written by a 10-year-old. Things just happened out of nowhere, new concepts introduced, and you were just supposed to roll with it with NO backstory whatsoever. I cannot emphasize enough the fact that there wasn't any backstory on anything. Even the romance that took place - just kinda popped out of nowhere in one scene! Everything felt so casually thrown in that I couldn't enjoy it at all. "Hey, the book is still crappy, let's throw in some more popular plot elements!" Judging by how often this author releases new books, she's obviously just cranking them out for cash. This is not quality work. This doesn't deserve to be called a literary work.