The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir

The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir - Gaby Rodriguez The writing seemed very juveline, and this girl is supposed to be 18. The backstory about her family took up a good half, and it dragged on. The actual content about her MONTHS pretending to be pregnant were only a few pages. The same thoughts about her family being disappointed repeated incessantly. I didn't really feel bad for the way she was treated because she brought this upon herself knowing what would happen, and honestly I don't know what point she was trying to make. That pregnant teens are looked down on? Yeah, no shit. Everybody already knew that. How badly they're treated? Well Gaby didn't seem like her life was too bad, she kept all her good friends and her boyfriend. She wasn't called any horrible names, and the things people said about her - please, she was 16, my toddler niece could come up with more hurtful words. I've missed the point here.

The second half is probably 90% her talking about defying stereotypes and how she's upset that everyone could believe she would get pregnant. What stereotype did she defy? She wasn't actually pregnant. She is a smart, ambitious Latina girl who seemed like she had her whole life ahead of her. Of course people aren't going to believe you got pregnant!

The drama with her brother's drinking seemed like random filler to me. And to mention that at your presentation? That's incredibly tasteless.

It's to be noted that I've never written a review. This book deserved it.